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Impact Three Light Portrait Backlight Kit (120VAC)

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  • 2x 400W/s
  • 1x 100W/s

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How many kinds of photo assignments can you can handle with a compact outfit like the Impact Three Light Portrait Backlight Kit (120VAC)? You'd be surprised. It's got 2 VS-LCD 400w/s digital monopods, one Impact EX100A 100w/s monopod, two white umbrellas, two 10' light stands,  one 3' backlight stand, a radio slave transmitter and receiver, and a kit bag to hold everything.

Light output can be varied in 1/10-stop stages over a 4-stop range with the VS-LCD, accessible through the digital readout. The 100W modeling light can be coupled to the flash, getting brighter or dimmer to match the actual light output, or independently set to the level you want. The monolight accepts Bowens monolight reflectors and head accessories. It also has a limited Auto Dump function, firing the strobe when you reset to a different power level (so the strobe is automatically set to the correct setting for the next flash). A built-in optical slave allows the monolight to be triggered using another flash. The EX100A monopod kit adds an additional 100w/s of light and included 24x24" softbox.

The white umbrellas soften and broaden the light. The Impact aluminum light stands extend to 10' in 4 sections, with sure-twist section locks. If you forget to tighten a section with your light mounted, the light comes down slowly, thanks to the air-cushioning. And the light stands will accept casters, which makes positioning the lights a snap. The 3' backlight stand can be used on a floor or table--particularly useful for a backlight. The radio slave transmitter and receiver let's you trigger the strobes without being connected to a sync cord. And you can pack it all into the included kit bag.

  • Power is variable over a 4-stop range
  • Digital readout coupled with the power variator
  • Accepts Bowens monolight reflectors and head accessories
  • Power is adjustable in 1/10 stop increments, from full to 1/8 power
  • Model light intensity may be coupled to, or independent from, the flash output levels
  • Limited Auto Dump feature automatically fires the strobe when you reset to a lower power level
  • Built-in optical slave ""sees"" the light from other flashes, and fires monolight automatically
  • Light stand extends to 10' in 4 sections

2-Year Limited Warranty

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Manufacturer Impact

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