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1000W Impact D-1000 AC Dimmer Control (110-120V)

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Quick Overview

  • For Use With Incandescent or Quartz Halogen Lamps
  • Sliding Rheostat Control by Hand or Foot
  • Lightweight Construction
  • 3-Prong U.S. Wall Plug and Input

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The 1000W Impact D-1000 AC Dimmer Control delivers 0-100% stepless power control over a quartz halogen or incandescent light source up to 1000 watts. This dimmer has a 3-prong U.S. grounded plug with a 6'4" heavy-gauge cord, and a 3-prong input for the light to be dimmed. The simple sliding rheostat control can be operated by hand or foot.


  • Not for use with fluorescent fixtures
  • Adjusts steplessly from zero to full power
  • Extends the life of incandescent lamps
  • For tungsten lights up to 1000W
  • 3-prong grounded power connectors


  • 3 x 15A/250V Fuse (1 installed/2 spares)
  • One-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Maximum Wattage 1,000W, 15A
Dimming 0-100%
Material Plastic
Plug 3-Prong US plug and input
Cord 6.4"" (1.93 m)
Color Black


Packaging Info

Package Weight 1.15 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 11.2 x 4.4 x 2.6"
Manufacturer Impact

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  1. A bright or dim light in a cruel world

    By chiller potography

    I like this dimmer a lot. It dims from fully on to completely off and everything in between (obviously) You can build one of these for yourself and I have done that in the past but I paid more for parts (or at least as much) as I did for this. Bottom line, if you want a dimmer for cheap then this is your product.

  2. Love The Quality At This Price

    By Richard H

    As a lighting technician for more than ten years I have worked every dimmer under the sun. Now while this dimmer is not perfect, it is the best dimmer you can get at this price. The PROS: Works well with any-any incandescent fixture 1000W or less. It also feels well built and looks relatively attractive. CONS this dimmer is not totally silent. IF you need something that wont hum at all I would not buy this but the truth is any dimmer that is this size and near this price point will hum so as long as you are expecting this I don't think it is a negative thing. Overall impact has done a great job in offering a good dimmer at a good value. I would recommend this.

  3. Head over heals in LOVE

    By aTjeremy

    Have been using this with a 150W bulb and I love every minute. The dimmer is just all around well made. I like the length of the power cord and there is no buzzing or any other sound. Additionally, the slider feels well made and slides smoothly. I can now adjust the light while a movie is playing and then make it brighter when people need to get up with out tripping over their own feet or, more awkwardly, someone elses.

    Fantastic product!!!!!!!

  4. Hand squeezer dimmer

    By Chas_Z

    Works as it should! This is a really great portable dimmer easy to carry and dims all the way down. I have worked with lots of different dimmers and even made some of my own from parts. I couldn't believe this one was even cheaper than the parts I use when I make my own and still works well! great value - can't go wrong at this price! The only complaint I have heard people have is the slight humming noise but every dimmer does that without a variac and that adds so much weight I much prefer a lightweight one unless I need it to be absolutely silent. I give this product five stars.

  5. Great for any lights

    By Kev Barker

    I needed to dim my backlights and practicals so the other day I finally got around to picking this up from istockonline. It is good and sturdy and very practical As an added plus it will save your bulbs from using too much wattage so it will also extend their lives.

  6. A must have

    By Joshua Fischer

    If I had to give the two most important ingredients for shooting video I would say they are audio and lighting. This is why I love the dimmer so much. However much I liked my setup before, I now have this useful gadget to make the lighting exactly perfect. No more changing bulbs, or screaming "more diffuser, no less diffuser, I have no idea what to do now etc..!!! This is a nifty product that deserves a place in everyone's bag of tricks.

  7. Very practical

    By scooby doooooooobie do

    I like this dimmer. I use it with my u-lite system and I have found it very convenient. The dimmer makes no sound and the slider is well built. The cord could be a bit longer but i'm not complaining.

  8. Absoloutly Superb

    By treble clef

    I cant believe I ever bought a pricier dimmer. This works with all of my light kits and works well. At this price I expected some issues but this dimmer is perfect. I highly recommend.

  9. Almost Perfect

    By user

    Wonderful dimmer for up to a 1K. I am only not giving it five stars because of two things I didn't love.

    1) There is no on and off switch. It would be better if I can slide it half way and then turn it off so that when I turn it on again it will be set where I want it.

    2) Another small problem is the sound. Even when the slider is all the way off it creates a thin sound that only goes away if you actually turn the light off.

    THis is how every dimmer is unless you get a 1K variac but they cost a hella lot more so all things considered I am happy with this purchase.

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