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Umbrella Bracket with Adjustable Shoe - Impact

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Quick Overview

  • Universal Locking Shoe Mount
  • Umbrella Receptacle
  • Tilt and Swivel Action
  • Two Adapter Studs
  • Compatible with All Nikon Flashes

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This lightweight Impact Universal Metal Umbrella Bracket fits on almost any light stand. A reversible (and removable) female stud is included, which allows you to use light stands with top studs smaller than the standard 5/8". There’s also a reversible, removable male stud that can mount to the included flash shoe at the 1/4"-20 end, or to another accessory at the 3/8" end. The knurled locking knob helps ensure secure mounting of standard shoe-mount flashes, including the Nikon SB-900 and SB-910.

Using the bracket's locking joint, an umbrella can be tilted to the desired angle and secured using a separate locking knob.

Dual Removable Studs
The two removable studs can be used to mount the bracket to a 1/4"-20 (standard) or a 3/8" threaded stand or tripod top. One stud is used for the flash shoe. The shoe can be unscrewed from this stud. Both studs can be removed by completely loosening the wing knobs and sliding the studs out.


  • Male Stud with 1/4"-20 and 3/8" Screw Thread
  • Female Stud with 1/4"-20 and 3/8" Female Thread
  • Locking Shoe Mount
  • One-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Specifications N/A
Manufacturer Impact

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  1. umbrella bracket

    By novnonv&jim

    I put this shoe on my lightstand and its very sturdy holding a seven foot umbrella I use it with a speed light and its great. really easy to adjust too and so incredibly sturdy. If your looking for a good bracket you don't have to look any furhter this is the best deal at a great price@

  2. Versatile-----Cheap!!

    By Always stay safe

    There is straight up nothing problematic about this bracket.

    I use it as a go between for my LED lights and stands and I have loved its quality, weight, and many adjustments. The metal is strong and the build small. I don't abuse it much but it is nice to know that it can handle some abuse and will probably last awhile. The best part: its many configurations will satisfy any need or position. Two thumbs up for this item!!

  3. Excellent Value

    By Ethereal D

    I use this with my SB 800 and 900 flash and I certainly appreciate the job impact has done. I am using the flash with a 24' softbox and my own hot shoe attachment but I appreciate getting one with this in case I did end up needing it. The quality gives me the impression that this bracket will last maybe a couple years or so and the details are just as described so no surprises there. Over all a great product for a low price, definitely a five star item

  4. Perfect Buy!

    By Zyao

    This bracket gave me exactly what I was looking for. I can hold an umbrella an my canon speedlite 600 with out a problem. The bracket adjusts easily and intuitively and the materials are truly top of the line.

    I highly recommend this item

  5. Good bracket

    By British Photographer

    This is an above average bracket with a nice looking exterior that speaks quality. One warning though: if you have extra large hands you might get annoyed by these small nobs that seem to have been made for dwarfs.

    One star off for smallish knobs and aside from that you have a well made bracket for cheap.

  6. First bracket

    By Steve

    I am new to softboxes but I finally got around to buying one (also an impact) and I needed a bracket that was strong and light so I could pack it without too much extra weight. I got this expecting something good from impact because my experiences with their softbox and stand were good and I was not disjointed. The assembly was easy and the many customizations and adjustments left me with all the choice I could have hoped for. Bottom line if you want to truly get the most use out of your flash than get a modifier and this bracket and you will love the result.

  7. Best Deal On The Planet

    By curiositycrack

    I am using this with a SB700 umbrella arm and it works well. Impact did a great job with the build quality. It is made from strong metal that feels great but is not too heavy. Adjustments are intuitive and easy and I cannot say anything wrong after a few weeks of testing. For this price you will not get much better than this.

  8. Fantastic Bracket

    By Frisbole

    I bought this because of the great value given what this item includes. It comes with the cold shoe the umbrella holder and brass connectors.

    After testing for a few weeks let me run through some of things that have me raving about this equipment.
    The bracket has a knob instead of a lever so it is compact and easy to put away. Its multi-port design makes it more versatile than most brackets out there and really helps me hit the spot with my umbrellas. Another thing I liked: the shoe mount is able to be rotated separately from the umbrella so you can move the receiver separately from the flash head. Its also made of good materials and the metal construction includes the spigots. Finally, the bracket is light, much lighter than my manfrottos and as a result, has become what I turn to first in most situations.

    A great product from start to finish. Five stars.

  9. This is the bracket to beat

    By Charlie Arm

    This is much better than the other brackets I have used in the past. Tested this with a frio shoe adapter and I enjoyed it. The metal is light and the build is compact. The hole for the umbrella is also angled so the light will point at the center. All in all its nicer than what I was expecting.

  10. Initial trouble but a happy ending

    By Andy rauf

    I kept having trouble with this brakcet letting the flash slip it. I eventually figured out a few adjustments to find a way to keep the grip tight but it was much more difficult than it had to be. I sent this back to istockonline and they promptly and for free sent me another one.

    My second one has been beyond my expectations. The adjustments are smooth and easy. It assembles easily into a nice and compact package that looks and performs like a bracket five times the price.

    I am taking a star off because of my initial trouble but I highly recommend this bracket.

  11. Not the best the first time. Great on the second try.

    By skysthelimit14

    This is wonderful bracket that will offer what you paid for it.
    After only a few days of use I had one of the screws strip on me. I don't think I put too much wear on it and I was not pleased. Thankfully, istock sent me another one free of charge and I have not had any trouble since

  12. The best bracket I own

    By Cytheria

    This is the best bracket I own and one of the cheapest too. From top to bottom I can tell impact has put some serious thought into the details of this product. First off, the umbrella socket is on top of the joint so I can set the umbrella at any angle. This sounds small but is very convenient for me. Another thing I like, the bracket is built well but is also light and compact. I find myself reaching for this more and more even though I have pricier ones because it is easier and the added girth of the more expensive brackets can be overkill. The description also left out the fact that the hole for the umbrella is angled so your light will hit the center when mounted. This is a sure buy for almost anyone who doesn't need the strength of a truly heavy duty bracket.

  13. Superb accessory

    By Corey Photographer

    This bracket provides a great solution for holding my 7ft umbrella. Works as described.

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